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2nd International Symposium in Media Informatics

Call for Participation & Registration

2nd International Symposium in Media Informatics - "Cow Paths: Agency in
Social Software" - November 16-17, 2006, B-IT, Bonn, Germany

Social software - often connected to older forms of computer mediated
communication (CMC) and newer discussion about online communities -
can be
defined as software that supports activities in digital social
networks. The
use of new digital media tools such as blogs, wikis, tagging and other
communicative or multimedia assets create new challenges for
interdisciplinary research in media informatics.

* What are the effects when media get agency in digital networks?
* How can we trace and understand collective processes on the internet?
* What is the role of visualisation?
* What is the role of social software on change processes in
* Are there new models of labour, new processes and new forms of
organisations possible?
* Will users be empowered or will lack of data protection and privacy
free new genies?
* What is the impact of tools supporting social structures on the
emancipation and appropriation?
* Which are the impacts on design and media?
* Will they help facilitating new forms of democracy, digital rights,
overcome the digital divide?
* Or will the hunt for digital reputation lead to cow paths where
only cows
walk by?

The second international symposium on perspectives in media
informatics is
organized jointly by the two leading collaborative research centres for
media Media and cultural communication and Medienumbrueche, the Bonn-
International Center for Information Technology B-IT, and the Network of
Excellence on technology enhanced professional learning PROLEARN. It
together researchers and practitioners from media informatics,
ANT, law, media theory, social software, collaborative work and
learning, to
discuss current trends and emergent issues of sociality in digital
in a mixture of invited talks and round table events. The event will be
accomplished by online activities and practical exercises in social

Symposium Chairs
Ralf Klamma (RWTH Aachen University, SFB/FK 427)
Volker Wulf (University of Siegen, Fraunhofer FIT, SFB/FK 615)

Organizing Committee
Erika Linz (B-IT Bonn)
Marc Spaniol (RWTH Aachen University, SFB/FK 427)
Michael Veith (University of Siegen, SFB/FK 615)

Technical Organizer
Reinhard Linde (RWTH Aachen University)

Register online at:
before November 11, 2006 and get a 50€ discount!

For programme details please visit:

Thursday, November 16, 2006 - Invited Talks:

Pictures of Traces of Places, People, and Groups: Recent Work from the
Microsoft Research Community Technologies Group
Marc Smith (Microsoft Research, Redmond)

Software Development Teams: Tracing, Visualizing, and Understanding
Collective Processes on the Internet
Anabel Quan-Haase (The University of Western Ontario)

Rethinking Social Software
Erhard Schüttpelz (University of Siegen)

The Media in the Age of Citizen Journalists
Frank Kappe (TU Graz)

Public Talk in the Informatics Year - Science Year 2006
Interactive TV: From one way communication to software-based
Thomas Becker (Marketing Director & Group Executive Digital Home,
Buhl Data
Service GmbH)

Research and innovation policy in NRW
Dr. Michael Stückrath, Secretary of State, Ministry for Innovation,
Research, and Technology NRW


Friday, November 17, 2006 - Workshops/Round Table:

Workshop 1: Applying Social Software for Knowledge Management
Claudia Müller - University of Potsdam / Mohamed Amine Chatti - RWTH
University, Germany

Workshop 2: User Generated Content & User Generated Metadata
Ines Puntschart (Know-Center, Graz, Austria) and Mathias Lux
(University of
Klagenfurt, Austria)

Workshop 3: Impact of Social Software on Society: PROWalk Event
Barbara Kieslinger, Sebastian Fiedler, Centre for Social Innovation,

Workshop 4: Media and Conflict Studies
Michael Schnegg, University of Cologne / Ralf Klamma, SFB/FK 427

Round Table: Research Issues in Media Informatics
Volker Wulf (University of Siegen and SFB/FK 615)
Ralf Klamma (RWTH Aachen University and SFB/FK 427)
Marc Smith (Microsoft Research, Redmond)
Thomas Becker (Marketing Director & Group Executive Digital Home,
Buhl Data
Service GmbH)
Katja Henke (Deutsch Telekom Laboratories, Berlin)
Karl Gosejacob (Charles Bernd AG, Munich & Executive Director of the
Software Group in VDMA)

Dr. Ralf Klamma, AOR
RWTH Aachen www :
Informatik V phone : +492418021513,+491735228052 fax: +492418022321
IS mail : Informatik V, Ahornstr. 55, 52056 Aachen


Nordiskt nätverk för rätt och litteratur
Södertörn University College & The Royal Institute of Technology,
Stockholm, 9-12 November 2006

The conference is organized jointly by the Research Project on
Aesthetics and Political Philosophy, Department of Media, Art and
Literature at Södertörn University College, and by the Nordic Network
for Law and Literature

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Eric Alliez, Philosophy, Middlesex Univertsity
Cathy Caruth, Comparative Literature, Emory University
Elizabeth Hatz, School of Architecture, Royal Institute of Technology
Leonard Lawlor, Philosophy, University of Memphis
Catherine Malabou, Philosophy, Université de Paris X (Nanterre)

Conference theme

Is there a significant relation between aesthetics and politics to be
studied today? Or must we give up on the relevance of art and
aesthetics when debating the most important contemporary political
and legal issues, such as questions of equality, rights, justice,
identity, recognition, etc. The relation between aesthetics and
politics has never been an easy one, and has been made particularly
problematic during the 20th century. The political power of art has
often been regarded with suspicion and it is often said that the
aestheticization of politics leads to a de-politicization of
politics. In the Frankfurt School one has analyzed how totalitarian
societies have used aestheticization as a means of control, whereas
progressive forms of politicized art have been held as overstated and
crude. On the other hand, the philosophy of Nietzsche has pointed to
aesthetics as a form of becoming that cannot be dissociated from law
and politics, a point of view widely adopted in French philosophy of
the 1960's and onwards. Is the potentiality of the critique,
resistance and revolution still present in the marginal practices of

This conference will be joining philosophers and the network for law
and literature. It is also open for papers that examine the relation
between aesthetics and politics from other theoretical viewpoints.
Although the main speakers are from the fields of Philosophy,
Architecture, Law, and Literature, we also welcome participants from
Aesthetics, Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Communication & Media
studies, Gender studies, History, Music, etc. We welcome papers on
aesthetics and political philosophy focusing on, for example,
Nietzsche, psychoanalysis, critical theory, Deleuze, Foucault,
Derrida, human rights, jurisprudence, post-colonialism etc., but also
on other schools of thought that may be relevant to the theme. We
also welcome papers that wish to debate the problem from other
vantage points.

The questions that may be examined are, for instance, how does the
practice of art influence the formation of spatial practices and of
subjectivities and collectivities? What is the relevance of the
humanities for law today? What is the significance of aesthetics and
politics in relation to new media? In what way can aesthetics and
politics be related to philosophies of becoming? In what way has the
Frankfurt School gained insights that may be applicable today?
Participants will be presenting papers in panels, organized according
to topic and discipline.

Graduate course

In conjunction with the conference there will be organized a graduate
course on Law and Literature, for information contact Leif Dahlberg.
Contact information:

Nordic Network for Law and Literature:

Leif Dahlberg,
Per-Anders Forstorp,

Research Project on Aesthetics and Politics, Department of Media, Art
and Philosophy, Södertörn University College:

Cecilia Sjöholm,
Fredrika Spindler,

The Nordic Network for Law and Literature is funded by the Nordic
Research Council (NordForsk)
The Research Project on Aesthetics and Politics is funded by The
Baltic Sea Foundation
The conference is also sponsored by Södertörn University College and
the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

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SITE 2007--Tech. & Teacher Education Call (San Antonio, Texas)


>> Call for Participation Deadline: October 25 <<

** Join with 1,200+ Colleagues from 50 Countries **

* Please forward to a colleague *

SITE 2007

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
International Conference

March 26-30, 2007 * San Antonio, Texas

(Crowne Plaza Riverwalk San Antonio)


** Submissions Due: Oct. 25, 2006 **

Organized by
Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE)
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)

Available to Print & Distribute (PDF to print; 200kb)

** What are your colleagues saying about SITE conferences? **

>> CONTENTS & LINKS (details below) <<

1. Call for Papers and Submission & Presenter Guidelines, Deadline
Oct. 25th:

2. Scope & Major Topics:

4. Presentation Categories:
5. Proceedings & Paper Awards:

6. Corporate Participation:
7. For Budgeting Purposes:

8. San Antonio, Texas:
9. Deadlines:

SITE 2007 is the 18th annual conference of the Society for Information
Technology and Teacher Education. This society represents individual
teacher educators and affiliated organizations of teacher educators
in all
disciplines, who are interested in the creation and dissemination of
knowledge about the use of information technology in teacher
education and
faculty/staff development. SITE is a society of AACE.

You are invited to participate in this international forum which offers
numerous opportunities to explore the research, development, and
in this important field. All proposals are peer reviewed.

SITE is the premiere international conference in this field and annually
attracts more than 1,200 leaders in the field from over 50 countries.

To submit a proposal, complete the online form at:

For Presentation and AV guidelines, see:

* Keynote Speakers
* Invited Panels/Speakers
* Papers (Full & Brief)
* Posters/Demonstrations
* Corporate Showcases & Demonstrations
* Tutorials/Workshops
* Roundtables
* Symposia

The Conference invites proposals from the introductory through
advanced level
on all topics related to:

(1) the use of information technology in teacher education, and
(2) instruction about information technology in
* Preservice
* Inservice
* Graduate Teacher Education
* Faculty & Staff Development

Proposals which address the theory, research and applications as well as
describe innovative projects are encouraged.


* Assessment and E-folios
* Corporate
* Distance/Flexible Education
* Electronic Playground
* Equity and Social Justice
* Evaluation and Research
* Information Technology Diffusion/Integration
* International
* Latino/Spanish Speaking Community
* Leadership
* New Possibilities with Information Technologies
* Graducate Education and Faculty Development
* Video Cases
* Web/Learning Communities
* Workforce Education

* Art Education
* Human Languages Education
* Information Technology Education
* English Education
* Mathematics Education
* Middle School Education
* Science Education
* Social Studies Education
* Special Education/Assistive Technology
* Young Child Education

The Technical Program includes a wide range of interesting and useful
activities designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and
information. These include
keynote and invited talks, paper presentations, roundtables,
poster/demonstrations, tutorials/workshops, panels, and corporate

Accepted papers will be published by AACE in the Technology and Teacher
Education Annual proceedings series. Books in this series serve as major
source documents indicating the current state of teacher education and
information technology. This proceedings will be published as a
electronic book on CD-ROM.

The Annuals are internationally distributed through and archived in the
Education and Information Technology Digital Library, http://
First and second paper authors are limited to two papers published in
the Annual.

All presented papers will be considered for Best Paper Awards within
several categories.

Award winning papers may be:
Invited for publication in the
- Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE) (http:// or
- the online journal, Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher
Education (CITE) (,

Highlighted in the:
- AACE online periodical AACE Journal (
aacej/), and
= Education and Information Technology Digital Library, http://

A variety of opportunities are available to present research-oriented
papers, or to showcase and market your products and services. For
information about Corporate
Showcases (30 minutes) and Corporate Demonstrations (2-hours,
scheduled with the Poster/Demos),
click here.

The conference registration fee for all presenters and participants
will be
approximately $295 (members); $340 (non-members). Registration
includes Proceedings on
CD, receptions, and all sessions except tutorials.

The conference hotel (Crowne Plaza Riverwalk San Antonio) specially
guest room rate is $145 (single/double).

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: Sensational!

For many visitors, San Antonio is the Paseo del Rio, an urban
masterpiece. Better known as the "River Walk," these cobblestone and
flagstone paths border both sides of the San Antonio River, 20 feet
below street level, as it winds its way through the middle of the
business district.

The River Walk has multiple personalities quiet and park-like in
some stretches, while other areas are full of activity with European-
style sidewalk cafes, specialty boutiques, art galleries, nightclubs
and gleaming high-rise hotels.

Dining options in San Antonio run the gamut from fine French cuisine
to Chinese to Texas steaks and barbecue to Soul Food and Cajun, but
San Antonio is home to Tex-Mex.

When the sun sets in the west and the stars come out over the South
Texas plains, it’s time to head to the nightclubs and dance halls.
San Antonians and visitors alike enjoy two-stepping to a country-
western tune or swaying to a Tejano super group or a local conjunto
band. Or maybe it’s traditional jazz or a sing-along at an Irish pub
or piano bar?

What's special about San Antonio? The Alamo, the River Walk, conjunto
music, friendly people, Tex-Mex cuisine and Fiesta San Antonio. Yes,
and more. The answer is as varied as the people who live in and visit
San Antonio. Come experience San Antonio - her natural beauty, her
history, her people, her music, her cuisine. You'll leave with
memories to last a lifetime.

For further San Antonio information see:

Proposals Due: Oct. 25, 2006
Authors Notified: Nov. 29, 2006
Proceedings File Due: Jan. 30, 2007
Early Registration: Jan. 30, 2007
Hotel Reservation: Feb. 26, 2007
Conference: Mar. 26-30, 2007

To be added to the mailing list for this conference, link

If you have a question about SITE, please send an e-mail to
SITE/AACE Conference Services,

SITE--Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
P.O. Box 1545
Chesapeake, Virginia 23327 USA
Phone: 757-366-5606 * Fax: 703-997-8760
E-mail: *

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