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ICELW 2008 Call for Papers, Presentations, and Ideas

ICELW 2008 - The International Conference on E-learning in the Workplace
June 12th and 13th, 2008
Teachers College, Columbia University
New York, NY
ICELW is the first international conference focused specifically on e-learning in the workplace.
With researchers and practitioners coming from around the globe-­and from both university and business settings-­the ICELW community works to improve online learning so that it makes a measurable difference in workplace performance and morale.
By uniting the corporate and academic worlds, ICELW is creating a new synergy­-one with the unique capability to realize the vast potential of e-learning in business, industry, and government.
Call for Presentations, Papers, and Ideas
Deadline:  December 15, 2007.
Who Should Present or Participate?  
ICELW welcomes anyone with a background or interest in e-learning in the workplace – researchers; consultants; and corporate trainers, managers, and directors.
Conference Topics:
The ICELW program will explore a wide range of topics relating to e-learning in the workplace:
  • Online training methodologies (simulations, case-based learning, and the like)
  • Performance support systems
  • Mobile learning
  • E-learning design and usability
  • Strategies for implementing e-learning
  • Authoring tools and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMSs)
  • E-learning evaluation
  • Studies of e-learning in practice
  • Other pertinent topics from the ICELW community
The conference will use a variety of engaging formats to convey knowledge and show application, such as presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations, and brainstorming sessions.
Submission Formats:
If you're interested in presenting at ICELW, please submit an abstract of 500-1000 words that describes your session: what you'd like to present or discuss, and what format you envision.
Send your abstract by December 15, 2007 to: submissions@icelw.org.
Questions or More Information?
Visit www .icelw.org for more details or send an e-mail to info@icelw.org or to the conference chair, Dr. David Guralnick, at dguralnick@icelw.org.

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