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Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Multimedia

Call for Papers

Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Multimedia (PDM)
In conjunction with International Conference on Parallel Processing
(ICPP) '06

35th Annual Conference, 2006 International Conference on Parallel
Processing (ICPP 2006)

Columbus, Ohio, USA, August 14, 2006
Scope and Interests

Multimedia systems using images, video, audio, graphics, and text are
now essential to our daily lives. Several emerging multimedia
applications, such as massive video and image data management,
multimedia data mining and retrieval, object recognition, medical
aids, etc. require massive computing power, which can only be met
through parallel and distributed computing. These applications are
leading to diverse and innovative research in parallel and
distributed algorithms, architectures, and systems. Such research
endeavors have been a subject of prolific research over the past two
decades and continue to do so. The extensive amount of data present
in images and videos contain inherent parallelism prompting
researchers and practitioners to exploit parallel and distributed
computing. This workshop seeks to consolidate the recent research
achievements in developing new theories, algorithms, architectures,
systems and integrated multimedia platforms that exploit parallel and
distributed computing.
Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
* Multimedia Data Management:
* Efficient data collection, multimedia databases, and
aggregation from heterogeneous sensors;
* Image and Video Mining:
* Learning and representation of image and video data, taxonomy
and ontology of perimeter security events;
* Parallel and Distributed Video Surveillance:
* Unsupervised detection of surveillance events, categorization,
analysis and retrieval of wide-area multiple cameras surveillance
* Distributed Multimedia Sensor Fusion:
* Information fusion through a network of biometric sensors and
metal detectors, and transformation using image and video fusion;
* Parallel Algorithms and Systems for Efficient Object tracking:
* Tracking of humans and objects with location-aware and context-
aware computing;
* Distributed Multimedia Agents:
* Exploit agent technology and pervasive computing to carry out
distributed, real-time collaboration among software agents using
multimedia data;
* Motion-based video retrieval:
* Parallel algorithms for visual motion descriptors, models for
motion-based retrieval, matching motion trajectories, meta data,
annotation tools and mark up languages;
* Multimedia Systems on a Grid:
* Exploiting distributed grids and clusters for multimedia
information creation, collection, and dissemination.
* Parallel Video Compression and Processing:
* Algorithms for video and image compression and decompression.
* Parallel Architectures:
* Servers, ASICS (Application Specific Architectures) and
reconfigurable media architectures exploiting SIMD and MIMD concepts.
Important Dates

Submission Deadline February 20, 2006
Final Copy Due May 20, 2006

Workshop Organizer

<>Ishfaq Ahmad
<>Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
248 Nedderman Hall, 416 Yates Street,
<>University of Texas at Arlington, Box 19015
Arlington, TX 76019. Ph: 817-272-1526;


Shoukat Ali University of Columbia at Rolla
Suchi Bhandharkar University of Georgia
Hesham El-Rewini Southern Methodist University
Kamal Karlapalem Int l Institute of Information Technology,
Hyderabad, India
Ashraf Kassim National University of Singapore
Ashfaq Khokhar University of Illinois at Chicago
Yu-Kwong Kwok University of Hong Kong
Jack Lee Chinese University of Hong Kong
Qing Li City University of Hong Kong
John Lui Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yu Su University of Central Arkansas
R. Vaidyanathan Louisiana State University
Bharadwaj Veeravalli National University of Singapore

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