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CFP: DIVERSE 2006, Glasgow (Jan. 9)

6th DIVERSE International Conference on Video and Videoconferencing
in Education, 5th to 7th July, 2006
Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland.

You are cordially invited to attend the Sixth International DIVERSE
conference on Video and Videoconferencing in Education in Glasgow,
Scotland, July 5th * 7th 2006. This year's event is hosted by
Glasgow Caledonian University and the DIVERSE network. Below, you
will find information on the scope of the conference, on how to
submit a proposal and other important information. Proposals should
be received by January 9th, 2006


DIVERSE is the premier event in the world on all aspects of video and
videoconferencing in education - teaching, research, management etc -
including the convergence of these technologies with online
technologies, and the emergence of new possibilities such as
telepresence learning and teaching, interactive television, virtual
reality and computer games techniques, and wireless and handheld
access to live or archived moving images.

DIVERSE has established itself as a high quality event with excellent
opportunities for formal and informal networking with some of the
world's leading experts in the field.

DIVERSE aims to combine technology and pedagogy, and is intended for
teachers, technical support staff, researchers, staff and educational
developers, project managers and directors etc, who are concerned to
embed video and videoconferencing technologies within educational
practice. DIVERSE attracts presenters and delegates from all over the
globe and will be both a showcase and a critical forum on all aspects
of video in education - through plenary and themed parallel sessions.

Venue and accommodation

The conference venue will be Glasgow Caledonian University. Further
information on the venue is available at http://elisu.gcal.ac.uk/
diverse2006/ or from m.cuttle@gcal.ac.uk

Call for contributions

Contributions should be either
- A one hour participatory workshop or seminar
- A 30 minute presentation allowing ample time for discussion, and
preferably with video examples.
- A 60 or 90 minute panel session
These may be presented face-to-face or via videoconference

Contributors should identify one of the following themes.

1) Videoconferencing and telepresence teaching (including audio and
text where they inform these practices)
2) Video, pedagogy and research into the effective use of video in
learning and teaching
3) Video and interactive learning
4) Students learning by making and using video
5) Interactive television
6) Making and/or using video recordings and video archives
7) Digital video, the Internet (eg streaming), video via wireless and
handheld devices
8) Enriching e-learning using video and multimedia (both face-to-face
and at a distance)
9) The use of virtual reality and computer games techniques to enrich

Submitting your proposal

Submissions should be completed on the template, which can be
downloaded from http://elisu.gcal.ac.uk/diverse2006/pages/call.htm

You should submit your proposal as an attached file to Mark Childs

Receipt will be acknowledged with a reply.

Proposals should be received by January 9th, 2006

Contributors will be notified by February 7th, 2006.

All virtual and physically present presenters must register as
conference delegates for at least the day on which their session
takes place. Deadline for registration at a reduced rate is 31st May
2006, although on-site registration will be permitted if space
permits. More information on registering, including fees and
accommodation, will follow soon.

Full written papers are not obligatory. However, you may wish to
offer a full paper for the conference proceedings. Please contact
Mark Childs at m.childs@warwick.ac.uk if you are interested in
contributing to a written publication.

Keep up to date

For updates on the conference, please subscribe to the UK JISCmail
'video' discussion list. Send a message to jiscmail@jiscmail.ac.uk.

The message should be: join video X Y. Insert your given name for X
and your surname for Y. Note that there is a space between each word
in the message. Do not put anything else into the message.

Alternatively, visit: http://elisu.gcal.ac.uk/diverse2006/

The conference committee looks forward to receiving your proposals.

Best wishes the DIVERSE conference committee,

Conference Committee Members

Mark Childs (Chair, University of Warwick)
Mary Cuttle (Host, Glasgow Caledonian University)
Prof. Jon Baggaley,
Dr. Claus Knudsen (Gjøvik University College)
Dr. Michael O'Donoghue (University of Lancaster)
Prof. Chris O'Hagan
Johan Oomen (University of Amsterdam)
Dr. H. Lori Schnieders (Vanderbilt University)
Pieter van Parreeren (InHolland University)
Tom Visscher (InHolland University)
Dr. Adrian Vranch (University of Plymouth)
Murray Weston (BUFVC)

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