tisdag, februari 21, 2006

Media Consuming Audiences CfP

Papers are being sought for presentation at an international workshop
to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, September 29-30, 2006. The
workshop is sponsored by the Media Management and Transformation
Centre at Jönköping International Business School (Jönköping
University), Europe's premier centre on media business issues.

The objective of the workshop is to develop clearer understanding of
how consumers' choices are affecting monetary and temporal
expenditures on media products and services and the factors that are
influencing and changing those choices.

Papers are solicited on issues including:

* Patterns of consumption
* Motivations for consumption
* Consumer choice models
* Constraints on consumption
* Audience economics
* Audience measurement
* Expenditure fatigue
* Audience valuation
* Predicted audience versus measured audience
* New technologies and the audience product
* The attention economy
* Marketing audience
* Ratings analysis

100-word abstracts are due April 15, 2006, with notification of
accepted proposals on June 1, 2006. Completed papers are due in mid-
September. Send abstracts to:

Dr. Cinzia Dal Zotto, Research Manager
Media Management and Transformation Centre
Jönköping International Business School
P.O. Box 1026
SE-551 11 Jönköping - Sweden
For more information: cinzia.dalzotto@ihh.hj.se

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