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Game in´ Action 13-15th of June, 2007

 We are glad to announce the academic conference Game in´ Action 13-15th of
 June, 2007 on the theme: The Gaming activity 

  First announcement and call for papers:


 Game in´ Action

 13 15th of June, 2007, Göteborg University, Sweden
  James Paul Gee, T. L. Taylor, Jonathan Dovey & Helen Kennedy
 4th and 5th keynote to be announced



  In the history of mankind’s technological development the importance of
  computer games is underestimated. Even the first computer games, which by
  today’s standards might seem primitive, allowed the user to control the
  flow of information on the screen, something that changes the relation between
  the media and the audience. Games do not have viewers they have users and
  are therefore radically different from media like cartoons or television.
  Online games, connecting gamers in a virtual play-ground, adds further
  complexity and makes it even harder to grasp games in relation to older
  forms of media. How computer gaming as a historically new activity
  influence different aspects of human life therefore becomes an urgent topic for the
  academic community. How do gamers construct identity and present
  themselves when playing games? What are the conditions for learning in the gaming
  activity? What forms of literacy is developed in gaming? How do
  socialisation of norms and values develop in relation to gaming? How do
  game practices change the everyday life of families and the roles between
  family members? How can we understand the game experience and the pleasure of


  These are some of the issues addressed at the academic conference Gamein’
  Action at Göteborg University, Sweden 13th  15th of June 2007. The
  conference aims at focusing on the research of different aspects of the
  activity of gaming and will accept papers in the following themes:
  • Gaming and identity
  • Gaming and conditions for learning
  • Educational gaming
  • Gaming and socialisation of norms and values
  • Online gaming as social practices
  • Fan-cultures as social practices
  • Gaming and families
  • Gaming in childhood and adolescence
  • Amateur game-making and machinima
  • Political perspectives on gaming
  • Gaming as a boundary practice between school, work and leisure

 Jonas Linderoth & Annika Lantz-Andersson

 Annika Lantz-Andersson
 Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik
 Box 300
 SE 405 30 Göteborg
 Tel. 031-773 2275

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