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CfP: Emerging Topics within the Media Industries

International Media Management Academic Association (IMMAA) 


Emerging Topics within the Media Industries 


Consumers – Products – Strategy – Management – Trends 


Saarbruecken, Germany – 1-4 July 2007 


Call for Submissions 


Submission Deadline: April 7, 2007. 


IMMAA (International Media Management Academic Association) is a yearly conference which 
brings together about 30 media management professors from all over the world. The link between 
the members is the spirit to push things forward and the interest in (teaching) media management 
and the international media business. 


Conference Theme 
The IMMAA is focusing emerging topics within the media industry. Thus the focus will rotate 
taking the most relevant aspects of the cutting edge discussion year by year. The focus for 
2006/2007 and therefore the focus of the IMMAA 2007 reflects five different aspects of media 
business: characteristics of media consumers, characteristics of the media and media products, 
characteristics of media strategy, characteristics of media management and media trends. 


Submission Domains 
Characteristics of media consumers: This research track focuses on media consumers – the 
people who use media. The track is currently focused on three major areas: Media consumers 
– definitions and perspectives, audience measurement, historical and critical perspectives. 
Thus the track should give more answers to the questions: What do we need to know about 
consumers? Are there gaps in our knowledge? Who benefits from certain definitions of media 
consumers or media audiences? In which ways media companies use knowledge and data 
about consumers? 
Characteristics of the media and media products: This track focuses the well known idea, that 
media products are characterized by some special characteristics with impact for economic 
aspects of the media firm, especially for the design of business models and the development 
of markets. 
Characteristics of media strategy: This track deals with the question "What are the relevant 
factors of a good strategic management in a media company?" The challenge is to find answers, 
which reflects the media (company) specific rules, originality, strong media specificity, com- 
pleteness in object-coverage, integrative power, and the possibility of evaluation. 
Characteristics of media management: Media management is the process of running a media 
business. Therefore it deals with media management as that science of management, which is 
related to "the media" and to the companies, creating or distributing these media. But the span 
of the common understanding of what media management really is and which aspects have to 
be considered is increasing more than ever. This track is looking for a common understanding 
of constitutive basis. 
Emerging media trends around the world: Considering the failings in the media industry and 
the dramatic crises in many media companies it seems to be very important to anticipate envi- 
ronmental changes at an early stage. This changes that are critical for the success of the busi- 
ness can be located especially in the areas of markets, consumers, products, companies, man- 
agement, technologies as well as in politics and regulation. This track looks for contributions 
considering emerging trends with impacts to the media industries and companies. 


Submission Guidelines 
Submissions may take the form of either theoretical or empirical papers. Concerning formal 
guidelines IMMAA will not create its own and additional ones. In accordance to accepted inter- 
national standards in the field of management, IMMAA is using the Academy of Management 
guidelines. Therefore all submissions are to be written in English, follow Academy of Manage- 
ment guidelines available at www.aom.pace.edu and have to be submitted not later than April 7, 
2007 to IMMAA.SUBMISSION@orga.uni-sb.de. 


Before submitting your manuscript, please check the following guidelines: 
Submission should be a maximum of 20 double-spaced pages of text, with no more than 10 
additional pages of tables, figures, references and appendices. 
Your manuscript should be submitted as a Microsoft Word file. 
All text in the manuscript should be double spaced throughout, with a 1 inch margin on all 
four sides. The paper size should be set to 'Letter' (8.5 inches x 11 inches). Manuscripts 
should be prepared in Times New Roman, Font size 12. 


Reviewing process 
Since we address only a limited group of researchers, we would like to have a continuous review- 
ing process. Each paper will be reviewed within two weeks after its submission and feedback will 
send out immediately. 


IMMAA planning committee and assistance 
John Lavine (Northwestern University, Chicago/USA) 
Tuen-Yu Lau (University of Washington, Seattle/USA) 
Lily Yuli Liu (National Chengchi University, Taipei/Taiwan) 
Evelyn Mai (Beijing Normal University, Beijing/China) 
Eli Noam (Columbia Business School, New York/USA) 
Robert Picard (Media Management and Transformation Centre, Jönköping/Sweden) 
Chris Scholz (Saarland University, Saarbrücken/Germany) 
Erik Wilberg (Wilberg Management, Drammen/Norway) 
Steve Wildman (Michigan State University, East Lansing/USA) 
Limor Peer (Northwestern University, Chicago/USA) 
Uwe Eisenbeis (Saarland University, Saarbrücken/Germany) 


Questions and Support 
If you have any general questions about the submission process or the IMMAA in general, please 
contact IMMAA.INFO@orga.uni-sb.de or visit www.IMMAA.org. 

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