måndag, mars 12, 2007

Open Publish 2007, Sydney -- Call for Papers Now Open!


August 1-3, 2007, Sydney, Australia

Open Publish 2007, is now seeking speaking proposals on management and implementation issues relating to open publishing technology for both government and enterprise publishers.

Covering critical ideas such as wikis, blogs, single-sourcing data and content management, Open Publish will discuss these topics from the perspective of best practices, project methodologies and human/usability factors rather than simply technology.

With the objective of fostering a greater sense of community for managers, developers and production staff, Open Publish aims to provide the informal collaboration of a user group combined with presentations from the leading thinkers and practitioners in publishing.

Therefore, we have specific interest in hearing from speakers with expertise in the following areas:

 •  methodologies for evaluating and implementing content management solutions
 •  cost estimation, return on investment, quality and risk management for content-related projects
 •  developing solutions based on existing web infrastructure (mash-ups)
 •  documenting and managing publishing system requirements
 •  business perspectives on open content such as Wikipedia
 •  best practices for content creation and conversion

Please visit the Speaker's Information page for more information about presenting a conference session or delivering a tutorial at Open Publish 2007.


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