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THE VIRTUAL 2007 - INTERACTION - a conference


call for papers

deadline for abstracts; May 15th.

The research programme Man Medium Machine [M3] and the School of Communication, Technology & Design at Södertörn university college, invites to a three-day conference on the theme "The Virtual: interaction".

The conference will be held at Almåsa conference centre, in the archipelago of Haninge, south of Stockholm.

The theme of this year's "The Virtual" conference is interaction. 'Interaction' is naturally at the core of many researchers strive to understand people's use and engagement with information technology. 'Interaction' also attempts to capture the interdisciplinary focus that the conference has developed in previous years. The conference seeks to create a meeting space for research that spans from interaction design and HCI to social and humanistic perspectives on technology. 'Interaction' is also about the relation between people and how they are affected by digital media, their living situation, and so on.

We hope to attract researchers that like to involve in a discussion of how these two fields of research may enrich each other. The particular themes of this years conference include, but are not limited to;
* technology for the experience of nature
* the body and/in information technology
* art, body and design
* new forms for media production
* amateurs, end-users, and hobbyists as digital media producers
* games that transcend physical and virtual boundaries
* novel methodologies and approaches in interaction design practice
* consumer and user participation in media and storytelling
* sketching of interactive behaviour
* expressions of ideology in design and digital technologies
* gender and intersectionalist studies of interaction practices
* the construction of identity, gender, normality, etc., in virtual communities
* the interaction between online and offline subjectivites, actions, identities, etc.

keynotes [will be updated with 1-2 more]
Jon Hindmarsh
Senior Lecturer in Work Practice and Technology
King's College, London

dates to remember
May 15th - deadline for abstracts.
June 15th - notification on acceptance for paper presentation.
August 15th - last day for paper submission and payment of conference fee.

Please note that the number of participants for the conference are limited (c.a 50 persons). There is also a limited number of single-bed rooms. Therefore, first come, first served!

conference fee
Last date for registration: July 15th, 2007

Please fill in the registration form at the conference website: http://m3.sh.se/virtual2007. Last day for payment: August 15th, 2007

Conference fee (inkl. VAT) 5000 SEK.
For postgraduate students and students 3.000 SEK (inkl. VAT).

The conference fee includes:
· admission to all Keynote Speakers and conference Paper Sessions
· Publication of the Virtual 2007-conference papers will be sent to all conference participants afterwards.
· Participants also receive an Abstract Booklet.
· accommodation at Almåsa, meals, coffee and tea according to the programme

For further information, please look at the conference website m3.sh.se/virtual2006.

M3: Man Medium Machine
Research programme; Department of Communication, Technology & Design
Södertörn University College

School of Communication, Technology & Design
Södertörn University College

Conference centre 

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