tisdag, november 13, 2007

IARIGAI Research Conference in Valencia

Call for papers

Continuing a more than 40 years long tradition, iarigai proudly announces its next event - the 35th International Research Conference, that will take place in Valencia, Spain in September next year. The conference will be hosted by our member AIDO.

Call for papers and basic facts on the event can be found http://www.iarigai.org/valencia/start.html, which will be regularly updated with new information. The printed brochure  will be available by the end of November.

We are expecting your active participation in the conference and it is already the right time to submit contributions from your organization. Please forward the information about the conference in Valencia to your colleagues and research partners as well.

You can contact me any time for details and further information about the conference.

Best regards

Dr. Mladen Lovrecek
Secretary General

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