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IARIGAI 2008 Call for papers, deadline February 1

Advances in Printing and Media Technology

Under the above general title, the conference will accept for presentation and publication scientific or technical papers, presenting original and previously unpublished research, related to all aspects of the theory, practice, development and effects of technology in the media industries and graphic arts. For this conference, special attention will be given to contributions on environmental issues in the graphic arts and media industry; advances in materials and production methods; standardization; colour control; crossmedia publishing; and industry development. However, contributions are not limited only to these areas and all submissions related to the wider field of media and graphic arts will be considered.

First Call for Papers

Authors from iarigai member organizations, as well as from other research institutes, universities and industrial R&D are invited to submit results of their research for presentation at the conference. Only quality papers, not previously published or presented, will be considered. An extended abstract of 1200 to 1500 words (including 3-5 keywords) should be submitted not later than 1 February, 2008. The abstracts should be informative enough to allow for an evaluation of the scientific and/or technical value of the paper. Therefore, they should include clear statements on

                                The objectives of the research,
                                Research methods,
                                A summary of results,
                                Conclusions, clearly indicating the novelty of the paper.

All the abstracts received will be anonymously reviewed by two independent experts and accepted or rejected by the iarigai Program Committee. The authors of the abstracts will be informed of the results of the selection not later than 7 April, 2008. The authors of accepted papers will be requested to submit a full text by the end of June, 2008 for further publishing. Papers presented at the conference, if submitted on time and meeting general quality requirements for scientific publishing, will be published in Vol. XXXV of the

Advances in Printing and Media Technology

To submit the abstract online, please go to

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