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ICHSL.6 – Workshop CFP


ICHSL.6 – Workshop
The design of Computer Supported Learning Environments:
supporting standards and users
Toulouse, Manufacture des Tabacs, University of Toulouse 1
May 14th 2008
organized by LAAS-CNRS


Chairs: Philippe Vidal, Julien Broisin (IRIT, Toulouse) and
André Tricot (CLLE-LTC, Toulouse)
Many papers about standards and users centered design have been
published recently in the field of Computer Supported Learning
Environments. Even if they investigate different concerns, these two
areas of research on learning have strong interactions. This
workshop will focus on how these two dimensions are supported in
real situations, and what benefits they provide.

Workshop #1 (9h30 – 12h30 am): Standards

Currently hundreds of academic or commercial pedagogical
environments integrate ubiquitous e-learning standards. This
workshop will consider their usage and deployment within public and
private institutions in order to point out advantages and
difficulties they imply for users: administrators, teachers,
designers, and learners. Reports on experimentations and tools
supporting standards will bring indicators to enhance their
practices (from integration to exploitation) and to bridge the gap
between expected benefits and observed results.

Workshop #2 (2h00 – 5h00 pm): Users

The aim of this workshop is to consider the different dimensions
of users' integration in the design process of Computer Supported
Learning Environments: the users' knowledge (expertise, skills,
metacognition, etc.), their profiles (age, occupation, etc.) and
their tasks (collaboration, problem solving, information seeking,
etc.). In this workshop, we will try to answer different questions:
What are the relevant dimensions? What methods can be used to
extract data from users' behaviors? How these data can be integrated
in the design process (Can they be implemented as constraints? As
resources? What are the relations between them?).
Important dates
Reception of the abstracts (1 page): March 22 th

Reception of articles (6 pages) :March 30 th
Notification of acceptance May 1st
Workshop May 14th
Proposals must be uploaded to the following URL and also sent by
Email to the ichsl6_WS@cict.fr


Program committee
Franck Amadieu
Hadj Batatia
Amel Bouzeghoub
Julien Broisin
Erik Duval
Nathalie Huet
Claire Lecocq
Claudette Mariné
Pierre Tchounikine
André Tricot
Philippe Vidal
Erica de Vries
Best Regards
Saïd Tazi

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